The Middle Kingdoms books update today at Ebooks Direct

The Middle Kingdoms books update today at Ebooks Direct

As part of the ongoing process of updating all our ebooks to the lovely new Vellum formatting, new versions of the three individual Middle Kingdoms books -- The Door Into Fire, The Door Into Shadow, and The Door Into Sunset -- are available today in the Ebooks Direct store. (The Tale of the Five Omnibus, containing all three books, will also be updated today.)  All the usual formats are supported, and we're glad to be able to offer new purchasers dedicated Nook and Kobo formats that were previously unavailable for these volumes.

If you've already purchased one or more individual volumes of the Middle Kingdoms series from us, over the next 36 hours you'll receive an email from the store containing a link where you can download the updated version. For purchasers of some less-purchased formats (Sony, Samsung, and some of the older Kindles) we've swapped in either generic .epub files or the newer generic-Kindle format that should be backwardly compatible for all. If you have problems with any of these files, please use the Ebooks Direct contact address to let us know and we'll get you sorted out as quickly as possible. If you need advice on sideloading the ebook files into your device or reading app, please check the sideloading page at the store for basic info before you contact us.

For those of you who're curious about the presence of the Middle Kingdoms books on other platforms: the Amazon version of the Tale of the Five Omnibus ebook has already been updated... so if you prefer to purchase from Amazon and have been thinking about acquiring the Omnibus, you can do that at the link above. Updates of the three standalone volumes at Amazon will happen later this month, so please check the Ebooks Direct Twitter feed for news about this. We are also planning expansion of the series (and other works) to the iBooks store and Google Books in the near future; we'll blog about that when it happens.

Meanwhile, thanks again for your continued support!


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