Young Wizards New Millennium Edition updates start November 20

Young Wizards New Millennium Edition updates start November 20

During the third week of November we're beginning the process of rolling out new, updated editions of the Young Wizards NMEs, with new cover art that's unified across the series, and reformatted, reset interiors with improved tables of contents. Various typographical and formatting errors have been corrected - particularly one that interfered with users setting text sizes in their own readers -- and numerous  invisible "under-the-hood" changes have been made to the files so that they're more compatible with current-model ebook readers and apps.

Whether you've purchased just one of these books or an entire box set, there's nothing for you to do but wait for the system to email you (at the email address you gave us when purchasing) with new download links for the book or books you've purchased. Our usual 72-hour download deadline remains in place -- to foil the naughty people who post our ebook download links on illicit download sites -- but if you miss your download window, we'll gladly refresh your links: just contact the store at our customer assistance email address and ask.

The rollout of the updated NMEs as individual volumes will start on November 20th with So You Want To Be A Wizard. Please note that the system does not send out all download links at once, to avoid ISPs mistaking them for spam. So it may take a day or two for your links to arrive.

The updated books will be coming out at irregular intervals between now and February 2018 until all have been reissued. Purchasers of NME 9-volume box sets will be updated three volumes at a time (to prevent understandable annoyance at receiving nine emails one after another). The first of these three-volume updates will be going out to purchasers between January 31 and February 2. (We stagger the updates so as not to annoy either our sending email servers or those of the recipients.)

We hope you enjoy their new look, both inside and out!



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