YW New Millennium Edition updates: HIGH WIZARDRY

YW New Millennium Edition updates: HIGH WIZARDRY

The updated and reformatted ebook version of High Wizardry has just gone out to its purchasers from the store's Fetchapp file handler.

Version 2.01 has been completely reformatted in the new house style, and contains numerous textual emendations and a very little bit of new editing. (And DD sends her thanks again to those eagle-eyed readers who've been in touch over past months regarding typos and other minor adjustments that needed to be made.) It also has a new cover.

We'll be adding new file variants to the main HW product page over the course of Saturday, January 20th, to support our various customers who're using newer versions of the Kindle. Other new additions will include Nook, Samsung, Sony Reader, and Kobo versions.

Please note that as of the beginning of February we'll be removing the legacy .lit / Microsoft Reader versions of the book, and withdrawing the "threefer" ebook packages that contain it, due to lack of uptake. If you're a past purchaser of one of these formats or packages, we'll continue to support you if you need to replace lost files, but no further versions will be made available.

If you purchased High Wizardry as part of a box set, your update will be coming to you separately in the next day or so, in company with the new versions of So You Want To Be A Wizard and Deep Wizardry. Box set updates will be happening three volumes at a time, to avoid unnecessary annoyance to our customers. We expect that updates to the nine volumes of NMEs will be complete in mid-February.


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