Our new credit card processor: Stripe

Our new credit card processor: Stripe

For some time now there have been a fair number of Ebooks Direct customers -- or would-be customers -- who've let us know that for one reason or another, they're not wild about running their credit card data (or other associated financial data) through PayPal when making a purchase.

We're delighted to let everybody know that we're now offering another option. Starting today, our store now manages credit card payments using the payment processing company Stripe. Started up by a couple of smart Irish guys, Stripe is now one of the world leaders in credit card processing for small companies like ours.

If you've been holding off on purchases with this issue in mind, we invite you to come give us a try and put the new system through its paces. To use it, at checkout, simply look below the PayPal button on the first checkout page - there's a line that says "OR" -- for the fields where you add your email address, or log in if you already have an account with us. The Stripe part of the page will then go on to take your credit card info and process your charge.


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