YW New Millennium Edition updates continue with DEEP WIZARDRY

YW New Millennium Edition updates continue with DEEP WIZARDRY

Here's a quick note for those of you who've purchased the Deep Wizardry New Millennium Edition as a single item (as opposed to as part of a box set).

Updates of single-purchase DW:NME orders are going out at the moment. This version of the ebook (v2.01) features a new cover and has been reformatted to work better in today's e-readers. Previous versions were formatted using the Sigil ebook production software, which sometimes created font-sizing problems in people's e-readers (fonts too small, font sizes that wouldn't change, etc.). The new versions have been produced in Scrivener, which turns out a much more reliable and platform-friendly result when we convert its files to the various formats our readers have asked us to carry.

If you're a purchaser of one of the old multi-format DW bundles, please note that over the next month or two we'll be phasing these out, as demand for them has fallen off to almost nothing. Additionally, at the same time we'll be removing Microsoft Reader .lit format files from the store, as no one has purchased any of these in quite a while. (If you're a purchaser, we will still replace your lost .lit files on request whenever you need a replacement. We just won't be offering them for sale any more.) 

NME Box set purchasers: please note that we will not be updating the box sets until the first three revised NMEs are all in place, in a week or so. We'll be sending out one set of download links when the first three are ready, one set when the second three are ready, and one for the last three -- the suspicion being that if we sent people links every time a single  volume updated, by the ninth one you'd be sick of the sight of them. (And possibly with reason...)

Thanks, folks! ...And a hearty Happy New Year to all our customers.



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